Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Expecto Patronum!!!

Went to see the midnight showing of 7 part two Harry Potter movie with Nicolette a couple weekends ago and had so much fun!! We had quite the set up...popcorn, peanut butter M&M's, starbursts, and Cherry cokes! We wore our Pj's too which was a very good idea cause we didnt get home until around 3 but it was so worth it! We saw it in 3-D and the glasses were shaped like Harry Potter's glasses it was funny to see everyone wearing them haha It was also really fun to see some people dressed up and some people went all out! I really enjoyed the movie and I'm sad its all over! It's hard to believe that the first Harry Potter movie came out when I was 11!! I grew up watching the movies and reading the books! I haven't read the 6th or 7th book and I am still going to even after watching the movies. I watched ALL the movies with Mom and Dad because they wanted to see the new one while it's still in theaters and that was blast!! Harry Potter is bloody brilliant!!

Mom and Dad are leaving on Thursday to go see family in Utah and Oklahoma and I'm sooo jealous and wish I could go but I have work. I miss my brother and sisters nieces and nephews so much and I love you all! I will be sure to give Mom and Dad a hug to give all of you from me! Alright I'm hitting the sack! GOOD NIGHT NEVERLAND!!

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The Rich's said...

So cute Raches! We miss you too! We got to see the last Harry Potter too and it was so exciteing and fun!